Blogging Schedule Update

Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.

– Napoleon Hill

From my primary blog here.

Greetings, friends!

This post will be discernibly less formal than most. Those of you that have been around since I began this blog may have noticed a slow in content over the last few weeks. Firstly, my apologies that there has been less to read, but allow me to provide an update and a little insight, as well as setting a schedule for the future.

Busy, Busy!

I began a business seven months ago now hoping to offer professional writing services to Minnesota businesses (and the world via the wonders of the Internet). I work on a freelance, for-contract basis, and I’m excited about what I do. Though we set about this plan with very grounded expectations, the response has been more terrific than anticipated. Where we originally feared making ends meet, we now worry about successfully scheduling all there is to be done.

Of course, something has to give, and that’s why I’m posting this update. This blog was created as a sample gallery for potential clients to view examples of my work. In application, it’s been a real blessing and a meaningful part of my business. What’s been even more surprising is the number of friends that I’ve met who have stumbled upon my site and subscribed. I’ve said it before, but it’s just as true today: thank you for taking the time!

An Unexpected Update to Posting

It’s important to me that this site continues to provide some regular content – both for those that have been kind enough to subscribe and for future potential clients. My work is evolving every day, and this format provides me an opportunity to share what I’ve learned. Likewise, I’m consistently meeting with remarkable people who teach me new things about life that I love to make available to others. The content has to continue, but it’s a matter of minimizing the amount of writing I do so that I can focus on the clients who have retained my services.

In the past, I’ve attempted to post a new topic five days out of the week. If you review my posting calendar, I believe you will find that I have been fairly consistent since launch. I’m finding, however, that this is far too ambitious for the workload I have taken on. Instead of five regular updates throughout the week, my new goal is three. Specifically, I will be posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

If you are a client reading this, then a sincere thank you for trusting me to help your business develop and grow. I’ve had the privilege of working with some amazing men and women so far who are passionate about their companies and products, and it’s immensely satisfying to see results and participate in that process. If you are a regular reader, just know that the blog will be maintained for the foreseeable future. Like all of life, it’s a matter of adapting and growing, and I believe this new balance will be sustainable for some time to come.

As always, thank you for your time!

R.C. Drews
Freelance Writer and Consultant


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