Thank You

Greetings, All!

This post will be a personal one. I very much enjoy the theme I have been writing on, and I intend to get back to it by the beginning of next week. This website was created to be a professional contact website for my services as well as a sample of my work. So far, it has been very valuable in that capacity. With that said, it’s time to expand!

I have purchased a web domain and am in the process of re-building this website from the ground up on a much more feature-rich hosting/development platform ( and BlueHost, for those interested in knowing). Before the beginning of next week, I hope you will see everything from this site at a more permanent location.

I apologize as all of this heavy-lifting means I won’t have a post prepared for today or tomorrow as I usually would. Of course, there is a backlog of 32 posts available now for the mean time. I promise that the forthcoming site will be worth the hiccup, and it will be up very soon.

On that note: I want to take a moment to thank all of the wonderful people that have made their way to my blog. While this page was never monetized (at least, not for me) and never advertised, there is a group of phenomenal individuals that have come to visit me almost every day – I am very thankful to you all! I hope that my postings have been worth the time you’ve given to read them. I know many of you keep track of me through the WordPress Reader, and I don’t actually know how that will interact with the new website. I hope that those of you here will make the jump with me, but I want to express my gratitude to you here and now regardless.

It’s a big year and an exciting time as business continues to develop. Thank you again to everyone that has shared in this with me! I look forward to seeing you all – along with new friends yet to come – at the new website. Please expect my first post on that page to launch on Monday, March 6th, 2017.


R.C. Drews
Freelance Writer and Consultant


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